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Landbell Discount for new customers

Article contains advertising links: Landbell offers all users of Verpackungslizenz24 an exclusive partner offer for new customers: This includes a discount of 25€ per year on the packaging licence, as well as discounted prices for Landbell Group’s comprehensive EPR info service for Europe. To benefit from these exclusive conditions, simply purchase your packaging licence via the following link in Landbell’s EASyShop: to the partner offer

Landbell partner offer at a glance:

  • 25€ discount on licence fees
  • Exclusive discount on Landbell Regulatory Tracking Packages for packaging laws:
    • “3-Country-Package”: only 49,90€ for 3 European countries of your choice (EU + UK, NO, CH)
    • “Europe Package: only 299,90€ for all EU member states + Norway, Switzerland and UK

Discount on the net value of goods. No payment possible. The discount only applies to new customers. No combination with other discount campaigns possible. Subsequent redemption not possible. The legal process is excluded.

About Landbell

The environmental and waste disposal specialist, Landbell has operated a certified and independent packaging scheme (“Duales System”) since 2003, offering its services both nationally and throughout Europe. Landbell offers the necessary expertise due to its many years of experience. It also guarantees legally compliant services and offers the right disposal solution for every challenge.

The Landbell EASyShop was the first online shop for packaging compliance. It was developed to simplify the compliance process and make it accessible online to as many companies around the world as possible. Key features:

Landbell customer experience

Trustpilot rating for Landbell EASyShop

Landbell has a total of two 5-star reviews. That’s not very meaningful at the moment. However, the predominantly positive reviews on other review sites suggest that you are a reliable partner.

Contract conditions at Landbell

Landbell’s prices compare favourably to the competition. Landbell’s offer includes an online stamp for customers as proof of scheme participation, a sustainability certificate, and high-quality customer service. All important information can be viewed on the online portal.

Customer-friendly pricing

Landbell has a standard minimum fee, which consists of a basic fee of 50€ and a licence credit of 25€. Users of Verpackungslizenz24 receive a 25€ discount when they sign up, making the minimum amount per year only 50€. The actual consumption per kg and material type is only settled at the end of the year at the contractually agreed prices. Compared to other packaging schemes, where higher prices often apply for subsequent registrations, Landbell's pricing is therefore very customer-friendly and easy to forecast.

Payment at the end of the year

Landbell's contract model provides for full payment of the final total quantity only at the end of the year. Only the minimum payment is due upon conclusion of the contract. This offers two major advantages, especially for larger manufacturers with annual quantities that are difficult to plan: Producers do not have to pay for the licence in advance, and They only pay for the actual quantities at the end of the year.

2-year minimum term

The licence agreement with Landbell is concluded with a minimum term of 2 calendar years. This means that if a contract is concluded for 2022, it can be terminated at the earliest at the end of the performance year 2023.

6 months' notice

Customers can terminate their contract with Landbell annually on 30th June with a notice period of 6 months to the end of the year without contract being renewed the next year.

Landbell Advantages

Online Seal - Landbell

Landbell offers an online stamp for its customers so that they can prove to their own customers and business partners that they comply with the obligations of the Packaging Act. The stamp can also be embedded on the website or used in social networks. In addition, the stamp can be printed on packaging licensed from Landbell.

International EPR services - Regulatory Tracking

As an internationally active environmental service provider, Landbell Group draws on a broad network of experts and extensive knowledge of legal requirements in the areas of packaging, batteries, electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), and chemicals & hazardous substances (REACH & RoHS).

Landbell Group’s services range from clear & standardised country reports, which summarise the legal requirements per EPR category in a simple and understandable way, to detailed reports, an online Knowledge Database (KDB) covering over 170 countries, and individual consulting services on EPR regulations in Europe and the rest of the world.

Landbell Group thus provides comprehensive compliance services for currently 190 countries worldwide.

Climate protection certificate

All customers receive a climate protection certificate issued by Landbell for each licence year. This certifies the equivalent CO2 emissions in kg that have been saved through your participation in Landbell’s scheme. The value is calculated scientifically, breaking down Landbell’s overall recycling performance to your packaging quantities. This makes it very clear how you contribute to a more sustainable circular economy with your licence fees each year.

Stay up to date with international packaging regulations

As part of our exclusive partner offer with Landbell Group, new customers can take advantage of a comprehensive information service on local packaging regulations in various European countries at particularly favourable conditions.

With Landbell Group’s At-a-Glance Reports for packaging legislation, you receive per country:

  • Uniform summaries of all country-specific packaging licensing requirements
  • Legally compliant and up-to-date information on all producer obligations
  • Clear presentation in a Q&A format

To take advantage of the offer, simply conclude your packaging licence in the Landbell EASyShop via the following link:

PACK2RECYCLE - Packaging eco-design with Landbell

As a Landbell customer, you receive free access to the PACK2RECYCLE online tool, which you can use to check the recyclability of your packaging. In addition, Landbell’s packaging experts offer individual consultancy services on packaging optimisation. The aim is to reduce the amount of material used and increase the recyclability of your packaging. The PACK2RECYCLE offer is aimed at both small producers who want to make a positive contribution to the environment by optimising their packaging design, and large industrial companies who want to manage their complete certification and packaging strategy with Landbell’s packaging engineers.

Packaging License Austria

Landbell customers can benefit from the company’s international orientation and also purchase a packaging license for Austria in their EASyShop. So if you also circulate packaging in Austria, you can conveniently conclude a packaging license for Austria via your existing EASyShop account with just a few clicks.

For companies without a registered office in Austria, ERP (Landbell’s subsidiary in Austria) offers a simple and fast online service for the necessary appointment of a so-called authorized representative. On our info page on the Austrian packaging license, you can learn more about the regulations in Austria and how Landbell helps you to also comply with the legal regulations for packaging in our neighboring country.


Landbell’s EASyShop includes all the features you need to manage your packaging licence online. In addition to comprehensive international compliance services, Landbell offers a strong solution for packaging licensing. The customer-friendly pricing benefits all manufacturers who have packaging volumes that are difficult to plan or fluctuate. Internationally active manufacturers and retailers, in particular, can benefit from the special offers for the EPR info service for Europe-wide packaging licensing.

*If a contract is concluded with a provider via a marked partner link, we receive a commission. This does not increase the license price from the respective provider and there are no additional costs.