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Grüner Punkt Discount code

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About Grünen Punkt

The online shop VerpackGo is operated by the Green Dot. The Green Dot is probably the best-known brand and has been a recognized dual system in Germany for many years. The Green Dot is characterized by:


TrustedShops Rating Grüner Punkt

With more than 260 reviews with an average of 4.74 / 5.00, the Green Dot has a very good rating. This is the absolute top value among the dual systems. The low price and top service were particularly highlighted in the comments. The positive reviews are consistent with the excellent reputation that the Green Dot has cultivated for years.

Contract conditions at Grünen Punkt

Compared to the competition, the prices at the Green Dot are the cheapest in many combinations. The Green Dot offer includes an online seal for the customer as proof of system participation, a sustainability certificate and a calculation tool. All important information can be viewed in the online portal.

Cheap prices

The Green Dot has a minimum turnover of 36 €. With its price model, the Green Dot is ahead of the competition in many packaging material combinations.

Refunds up to 10% of the reference quantity

The Green Dot offers reimbursements for excess packaging quantities reported at the end of the year. If the reported reference quantity is not reached in the year-end quantity report for the previous license year, the Green Dot grants a reimbursement of up to a maximum of 10% per material type.
An example:

  • last reported reference quantity for plastic in 2021: 100kg
  • Year-end reporting of quantities for plastic 2021: 80 kg
  • Reimbursement of the cost of 10kg of plastic (100kg x 10%)
Customers can view the reference quantities for the current license year at any time up to August 31. change in the customer portal.

1 year minimum contract period

The Green Dot license agreement has a minimum term of one calendar year. The contract term for the selected license year is always from 01.01. until 31.12. Even if you license for the year 2020 on December 1, 2024, the term is from 01.01. until 31.12. The contract is extended by a further year if the customer does not cancel.

3 months cancellation period

Customers can shop at the Green Dot in the current year until September 30th. cancel without the contract being extended in the next year.

Grüner punkt Advantages

Online-Seal - Green Dot

The Green Dot has made an online seal available for download for all customers who want to show that they have legally licensed their packaging from the Green Dot. This can be integrated by the customer on the website, for example, or used for communication in social networks.

Sustainability certificate

Every Green Dot customer receives a sustainability certificate at the end of the year. This certificate confirms that the packaging quantities licensed by the customer were largely recycled and could be added to the material cycle as new resources.

Calculation aid for packaging

With the calculation aid, the Green Dot offers an additional, free tool for determining the packaging. The calculation tool can be of help, especially for companies that find it difficult to calculate their own packaging quantities.

Markenzeichen Grüner Punkt

Use of the "Grüner Punkt" trademark

Der Grüne Punkt is the market leader when it comes to packaging licensing. The brand enjoys a high level of awareness nationally and internationally and stands for responsible recycling like no other. With a packaging license from the Green Dot, customers have the opportunity to print the Green Dot on their own packaging. In this way, consumers can be effectively signaled that the manufacturer is committed to the sustainable use of resources.

The rights to use the Green Dot brand are already included in the license costs. If this option is not desired, it can be deselected during the booking process. In this case, the kg prices per fraction decrease slightly.


The Grüner Punkt packaging license shop impresses with its simple and very intuitive handling. Together with the many years of experience and the really low prices, the Green Dot offers an excellent solution for the topic of packaging licensing.