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Post contains advertising links: The providers of packaging licenses in Germany mainly include the dual systems. These are the companies that organize the recycling of household waste. In addition, there are brokers or third-party providers. These companies can also be licensed in accordance with the German Packaging Act. However, since they are not operators of dual systems themselves, they have to register the packaging quantities licensed from them with a dual system. We have also included the contractual partners of the brokers in our list.

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Grüner Punkt

The Grüner Punkt packaging license shop impresses with its simple and very intuitive handling. Together with the many years of experience and really low prices, the Grüner Punkt offers an excellent solution for the topic of packaging licensing.

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Lizenzero impresses with its simplicity, well thought-out user-friendliness of the platform and a very good service.

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Activate by Reclay is the cheapest provider on the market, especially for very small packaging quantities. In addition, there are no contractual obligations with Reclay.

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Landbell’s EASyShop includes all the features you need to manage your packaging licence online. In addition to comprehensive international compliance services, Landbell offers a strong solution for packaging licensing. The customer-friendly pricing benefits all manufacturers who have packaging volumes that are difficult to plan or fluctuate. Internationally active manufacturers and retailers, in particular, can benefit from the special offers for the EPR info service for Europe-wide packaging licensing.

*If a contract is concluded with a provider via a marked partner link, we receive a commission. This does not increase the license price from the respective provider and there are no additional costs.

1Discount on the net value of goods. No payment possible. One voucher can be redeemed per order and customer. No combination with other discount campaigns possible. Subsequent redemption not possible. The legal process is excluded.

*If a contract is concluded with a provider via a marked partner link, we receive a commission. This does not increase the license price from the respective provider and there are no additional costs.

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Brokers / Third Party Providers

  • Bähr Verpackung (contract with the dual system Zentek)
  • EKO-PUNKT (Contract with the dual system Reclay)
  • Usepac (Contract with the dual system Veolia)
  • Susa-Solutions GmbH (Contract with the dual system Reclay)

Packaging license providers: how do they differ?

The license itself is the same for all providers. It makes no difference from which of the above companies the packaging license is purchased. The Central Office accepts them all. The packaging license providers differ above all in the price, the contract period and reimbursements. We have summarized a clear comparison on our price comparison page.

Cheap and expensive minimum prices

Many providers charge basic fees or minimum sales for the annual contract. These costs are quantity-independent, i.e. they are incurred for each contract. Especially with small packaging quantities, these basic costs are particularly important. An example: The company EKO-PUNKT requires a minimum turnover of €100 for the annual contract. This form of contract is not worthwhile for small quantities. If you really only have small amounts of packaging material per year, you should choose a provider with low basic costs.

Different contract periods

As a rule, the dual systems offer annual contracts. However, some packaging license providers prescribe a minimum contract period of 2 years. Landbell is currently the only provider with this long term. Especially if there is uncertainty about whether and how long the business will be continued, you should choose a provider with whom the contract can be terminated annually. An exception is Reclay. No annual contract is concluded here, but only individual licensing for the ordered quantities. With Reclay, the license is not automatically renewed and there is no notice period to be observed.

Some providers offer refunds

In addition to the term and price, subsequent reimbursement is also an important part of the contract. Young companies in particular, small Ebay or Amazon dealers are often not yet able to plan their sales precisely. This makes it difficult for them to estimate the packaging quantity. If there is still uncertainty as to whether the reported quantity of packaging will actually be sold, a provider should be chosen who reimburses costs already paid. Lizenzero, Veolia, Der Grüne Punkt and PreZero Dual are currently offering refunds. However, the extent of the refund and conditions attached to the refund differ. We compared the conditions of the individual providers:

  • Veolia: full reimbursement for royalties in excess of minimum sales. The reimbursement will be paid out with the annual statement as a credit note and is due for payment within 14 days. (Source: AGB Veolia Umweltservice Dual GmbH)
  • Lizenzero: The provider grants adjustments to the current license quantities for the current license year during the year. If the adjustment during the year is made by August 31st, quantity reductions will be reimbursed directly. (Source: Lizenzero sample contract)
  • Grüner Punkt: The provider grants refunds. These are determined in the year-end volume report. If the finally reported quantities per material type fall below the previously announced forecast quantities, a refund will be paid up to a shortfall of 10%. Customers have the opportunity to change their forecast quantities until August 31st. of the current year for the current license year can be changed free of charge. (Source: Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH AGB)
  • PreZero Dual: Reimbursements of overreported quantities are possible in principle. The provider attaches the following 2 conditions to a refund:
    1. The annual turnover is at least €5,000 net.
    2. The volume reduction will take place until August 31st. of the current license year.

Package deals: often a bad choice

Some providers have fixed package deals in addition to the license for individual quantities. They offer a license for certain combinations of packaging material. These deals are often advertised as “starter deals” that allow small retailers and manufacturers in particular to get a packaging license cheaply. However, you very often get cheaper offers from other suppliers for the packaging quantities from these deals. Another disadvantage of these deals is that the packaging quantities cannot be easily adjusted. If there are more or less packaging quantities, it is difficult to adjust the fixed deal quantities. This results in high costs afterwards if changes to the quantities are necessary.

Paketpreise bei EKO-PUNKT
Paketpreise bei Susa-Solutions

We therefore recommend concluding a license agreement with individually selected quantities, even for small quantities. To find the best packaging license provider, you can use our simple comparison calculator. Our calculator compares the prices and contract conditions of all providers. So you can quickly find the best offer for your personal needs.

Price Calculator

Start the comparison of all dual systems by typing in the quantities of packaging materials that you ship to Germany. You will then see the prices and all terms and conditions for all providers.

License year:
Type of material in kg
In the list of results, preference is given to providers who offer refunds for license fees if fewer packaging quantities were consumed at the end of the year than originally reported for the year or similar options to easily adjust quantities without extra fees.
I am looking for a flexible license
In the list of results, preference is given to providers who offer free additional services to the license. E.g. online seal, certificates for CO2 savings, discounts on packaging optimization and other interesting partner offers.
I am looking for providers with additional services
In the list of results, preference is given to those providers who make the packaging licensing process as simple as possible. From placing an order to payment and quantity reporting.
I am looking for providers with high usability


Here we have clearly summarized the current contract conditions of all providers. The prices are always the minimum price for the smallest reported quantity. To find out the prices for your individual quantities, simply enter your expected annual quantity in the calculator and start the exact price comparison!

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