Activate by Reclay offers the cheapest packaging license for very small packaging quantities


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In order to be able to use this advantage, you simply have to enter the voucher code “VERPACK5” below the Reclay calculator and click on the “redeem” button. Together with Reclay’s automatic early licenser discount, you will then be shown a discount of up to 30%.

The voucher code is not limited and can be used by you for any further order – if necessary.

Reclay Voucher CODE: VERPACK5

About Reclay

Reclay Systems GmbH is a recognized dual system that has been firmly established in the packaging licensing market for many years.

Reclay’s Activate online shop is very lean. Reclay is known in particular for the following advantages:


TrustedShops Reclay Rating

Reclay has an excellent rating with over 3,700 reviews with an average of 4.85 / 5.00. Many customers are very satisfied with the speed and simplicity of the packaging license purchase. There are little to no negative reviews.


Reclay’s business model differs fundamentally from all other providers. Reclay has no minimum turnover, no flat rate and no subscription model and is based solely on the principle of “only buy what you actually use”. This is often a great advantage, especially with smaller packaging quantities.

Favorable prices for small quantities

Since the Reclay contract does not include a minimum turnover or lump sums, the prices are often the cheapest compared to other providers over the year. A service fee of only 6 euros is charged for each purchase and subsequent purchase of the packaging license.

Early bird discount​

Reclay offers a discount table:
Q1: 25% | Q2: 20% | Q3: 10% | Q4: 0%
The earlier in the year the packaging license is purchased, the greater the discount.
With our partner discount code:
VERPACK5 you get another 5% on top of that.

No contract term

With Reclay, there is no contract period in the actual sense. You could rather compare it to a pre-paid SIM card: You only buy as many free minutes, SMS or data as you need and if you have to buy more, you can do it flexibly at any time.


At any time there is the possibility to make a subsequent purchase of a packaging license. This could be the case in particular if you bought fewer packaging quantities at the beginning of the year and then want to re-license again, this is possible at any time.


Reclay online license seal​

In order to prevent warnings, for example, you have the option of integrating the Reclay online seal into your website or online shop for the respective packaging license year. This shows customers and competitors that you are fulfilling your obligations under the Packaging Act.

Assessment of recyclability

With Circulate°easy, Reclay offers a free, web-based platform and enables the recyclability of packaging to be classified quickly and easily, based on the specifications of the minimum standard of the Central Office. The results are presented on a clear scale from A+++ (best recyclability) to C (not recyclable).

Packaging License Austria

You can also easily license your packaging for Austria from Reclay Austria via the activate online store. Austria also has a packaging ordinance that stipulates similar licensing requirements for packaging that is put into circulation. Via this link you can license your packaging for Austria from as little as 12€ per year.

Foreign mail order companies must also appoint a so-called authorized representative in Austria who will comply with all regulations on behalf of the foreign mail order company. Reclay Austria can take on this task for you. For this purpose, a contract must be concluded in which you appoint Reclay as your authorized representative. The contract can be concluded online. Click here to access the contract.


Activate by Reclay is the cheapest provider on the market, especially for very small packaging quantities. In addition, there are no contractual obligations with Reclay.

Recommendation: cheap and easy all-inclusive packaging license for Austria by Reclay from 12€ per year

While the annual flat rate for other collection systems in Austria is usually between €120 and €150, Reclay offers a very favorable flat rate solution starting at €12 per year.

We therefore recommend Reclay to all small manufacturers and (online) retailers who circulate packaging material in Austria. The license from Reclay is completely digital and can be concluded in just 3 minutes via their online store “activate – by Reclay”.

*If a contract is concluded with a provider via a marked partner link, we receive a commission. This does not increase the license price from the respective provider and there are no additional costs.