Zmart Packaging License

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Article contains advertising links: With Zmart’s packaging license, you can easily fulfill your packaging licensing obligation online. As a Zmart customer, you also benefit from a free initial check on EU-wide packaging licensing. If you also place packaging on the market in other EU countries, Zmart will check your obligations in these countries for you.

As a user of Verpackungslizenz24, you will receive an additional partner discount with the voucher code LIZENZ24 when concluding a new license agreement.

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EU license service

All Zmart customers can use the free initial check on their obligations for EU-wide packaging licensing. A personal key account manager will then check whether you need a packaging license in other EU countries. If this is the case, Zmart will obtain offers from foreign providers and tell you exactly what you need to do to ensure that you are legally compliant throughout the EU. Zmart takes care of all correspondence with the authorities and – where possible – handles registration, quantity reporting and invoice verification for you. All you have to do is specify your packaging types and quantities per country.

By the way: Zmart also supports you with other Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) issues, such as battery laws or electrical laws in the EU.

Discount on the net value of the goods. No payment possible. Discount only applies to new customers. Cannot be combined with other discount promotions. Subsequent redemption not possible. Legal recourse is excluded.

About Zmart

Zmart is the online packaging license service of the Zentek dual system. Several thousand companies rely on the dependable disposal and recycling concepts of the Zentek Group. Since 2012, Zmart has offered companies a quick and easy way to meet their licensing obligations under the German Packaging Act. With Zmart, small and medium-sized companies can meet their take-back obligations for sales packaging completely digitally.

Contract terms at Zmart

As with most other providers, the Zmart license agreement is automatically renewed if it is not terminated before the end of the notice period. We have summarized the most important information about the Zmart license agreement for you here:

Attractive license prices

The kg prices for the different types of packaging at Zmart are relatively low in direct comparison with all providers on the market. Use our comparison calculator to find out what costs you can expect with your annual quantities at Zmart and all other providers.

1-year minimum term

The license agreement with Zmart runs for at least one year and is automatically extended for a further year if it is not actively terminated.

Post-licensing - without minimum purchase

If you need to license additional quantities in the current year, the minimum purchase of €49 does not apply again. You then only pay the additional variable license costs for the additional quantities.

3 months notice period

Zmart customers can cancel their contract in the current year by 30.09. without the contract being extended for the next license year.

Zmart benefits

EU license service

A special service from Zmart is a free initial check on Europe-wide packaging licensing duties. This makes it easier than ever to ensure that you comply with the European Packaging Directive 94/62/EC in all EU countries. Every customer who takes out their German packaging license with Zmart can take advantage of this EPR compliance check. Your personal account manager at Zmart will then check whether you need to operate in other EU countries based on your Europe-wide packaging volumes.

Zmart recycling seal

After signing the contract, customers can request the Zmart recycling seal, which can be used on websites or packaging. You can find the seal in the Zmart customer portal.

Further benefits for Zmart key accounts

From an annual turnover of €5,000, Zmart offers its key account customers the option of adjusting the planned quantities for the current license year by 15.08. without incurring any additional costs. This means that any excess license costs paid at the beginning of the year can be refunded directly if quantities are reduced.

The free choice of invoicing offers additional flexibility: major customers can choose between monthly, quarterly or annual invoicing/payment.

EPR compliance for e-commerce

You will immediately receive a confirmation of participation in the Zentek dual system for your sales packaging in Germany. You can upload this confirmation to Ebay, Amazon etc. to fulfill your obligation to provide proof.


Zmart’s packaging license is a very good choice for small and large online retailers and manufacturers. We particularly recommend Zmart’s service to companies that place packaging on the market in several EU countries.

Users of Verpackungslizenz24 benefit from lower prices in the long term: With our exclusive coupon LIZENZ24 you will receive a 3% discount on the license costs at Zmart.