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Are you Affected by the German Packaging Act (VerpackG)?

You are a producer, distributor, or e-commerce vendor and sell your packaged goods to the German market?

Are these packaged products meant to be for consumers and are likely to be shipped to private households?

If you can answer both questions with yes, you need to get a packaging license for the packaging materials of your products that you ship to Germany. This is because the German Packaging Act obliges all producers, distributors, or online retailers to pay their share for recycling their packaging materials that end up in German domestic waste. Therefore, you need to declare your yearly packaging quantities (in kg) in Germany and get a packaging license for those quantities.

3 Requirements of the German Packaging Act

If you are affected by the German Packaging Act, there are 3 major requirements that you need to fulfill

1. Obtain a Packaging License from a Dual System

Dual Systems are companies that manage the recycling of German domestic waste. They are responsible for performing all necessary processes to ensure environmentally friendly waste management. In addition, they issue the packaging license for businesses that​ are placing packaging material onto the German market by selling packaged goods. Producers and retailers are free to choose any provider that is officially a dual system or has a contract with a dual system. The price for the packaging license depends on the types of packaging materials being used as well as their quantities (in kg). Most providers offer yearly contracts. However, the terms and conditions as well as pricing structure differ significantly. With our price calculator it is fast and easy to spot these differences and choose the right provider for the individual needs.

2. Register Your Business at ZSVR

The ZSVR is the Central Agency Packaging Regisrtry. It is the official German government agency responsible for all matters regarding the recycling of packaging materials. All producers and distributors need to register their business in the central registration portal called "LUCID". After registering, they receive a unique registration number.

3. Report Yearly Quantities to ZSVR and your Dual System

In the LUCID portal, producers and distributors also need to declare their packaging materials and quantities for the German market as well as the dual system where these quantities have been licensed. If there are changes in quantities, these changes must be reported to the dual system as well to the LUCID portal. The data on annual packaging quantities reported to LUCID must always match the data reported to the dual system.

How We Can Help You

With Verpackungslizenz24, you can compare the offers for a German packaging license of all dual systems and find the one that suits your individual needs best. This service is completely free of charge for you.

Best Offer

Find the best offer for the German packaging license. With just one click you can compare terms & conditions and prices of all dual system providers. Simply type in the quantities of your packaging material that you ship to Germany and get the prices for all providers. With our easy price calculator, you can find the best offer for your business.

Quick & Transparent

No need to check the websites of all providers and spend hours on reviewing their terms & conditions. We checked the contracts of all providers and reviewed every aspect that will be relevant for you as a business selling products to the German market.

Completely Free

We want to give all distributors, retailers, and producers who are not familiar with the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) all the information they need to comply with the regulations at minimum cost and effort. Therefore, our price comparison tool is free to use for everyone.

3 Simple Steps to Find the Best Offer for a packaging License

1. Type in Quantities

Type your packaging volumes into our price calculator.

2. Compare Prices

Based on your input, you can view and compare the prices and conditions of all providers.

3. Choose Provider

Finally, choose the dual system provider that has the best offer for you.

Price Calculator

Start the comparison of all dual systems by typing in the quantities of packaging materials that you ship to Germany in 2020. You will then see the prices and all terms and conditions for all providers.

License year:

Type of material kg

Why You Should Compare Prices

The costs for a packaging license differ quite a lot. In some constellations of packaging materials and volumes, prices can differ more than 300% for a single year! Besides the price, also cancellation policies and periods of notice are different as well. Finally, there are some providers that offer refunds, if the packaging volumes are lower than expected at the end of a year. 

As there is a free choice of the provider, we always advise producers and distributors to check the conditions of more than just one dual system. That’s where we can help you with. We have set up Verpackungslizenz24 as a free tool for everyone who is affected by the German Packaging Act, to find a lightweight and easy solution for the packaging license.

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