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What you need to know about EPR in Germany as an International seller

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy that makes producers responsible for their products during the entire life cycle. The concept behind EPR is that companies should bear responsibility for their products from production to disposal in order to preserve resources. Governments are establishing legal regulations to encourage companies to take appropriate action. The goals of EPR include sustainable product design, minimizing resource use in production, packaging, transportation etc., and ensuring proper disposal, recycling or other recovery when the product is no longer used.

Since the start of 2022, online platforms and marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay need to collect the EPR registration numbers of all merchants that sell their products to Germany. 

Who is affected by EPR in Germany?

Amazon merchants selling to Germany

eBay merchants selling to Germany

ecommerce shops selling to Germany

importers of goods for the German market

What are the duties?

Affected businesses are obliged to fulfill all legal EPR requirements. This includes mainly:

  1. Register your business in an official registry to get an EPR registration number
  2. Join a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) and report your affected volumes
  3. Pay an eco-contribution based on your annual volumes per EPR category
  4. for marketplace merchants in Germany (Amazon, eBay, etc.): enter your EPR registration number on the platform

EPR categories in Germany

There are some EPR categories that are relevant for international merchants. Each EPR category has its own law that defines legal obligations that producers/importers need to fulfill. Depending on the type of products you sell in Germany, you are obliged to comply with the regulations for the associated EPR category.


All materials of packaged products put on the German market including the primary packaging of the products and any additional packaging for shipping (boxes, bubble wrap and other filling material).


WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. In Germany, this covers all devices which are exposed to an alternating voltage of max. 1000 Volt or a direct current voltage during operation of max. 1500 Volt. As a rule of thumb: Everything that has a plug.


There are 3 types of batteries in Germany: portable batteries (consumer products, can be hand-carried), industrial batteries (only industrial, commercial or agricultural purposes) and automotive batteries.

Get your German EPR registration number for packaging

Amazon already asks international merchants for a German EPR registration number for packaging. eBay will follow soon and will also demand this registration number from you. This will be a condition to be able to sell in Germany. We will show you step by step what you need to do to become fully compliant with the German law and to avoid bans from Amazon or eBay in Germany.

Step 1: Register your business in the LUCID register

Companies that put packaging filled with goods into circulation in Germany for the first time must register online with the German control authority Central Agency Packaging Register. This is done in the public register LUCID, which was set up especially for this purpose. Once the free registration is completed, you will receive your German EPR registration number for packaging. This is also called LUCID registration number in Germany.

Step 2: Join a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)

The second requirement is to join a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO). These organizations are also called "dual systems" in Germany. They organize the collection and recycling of packaging materials on behalf of the producers. All packaging waste that ends up at private households or similar collection points will be collected by those companies and handled properly. Every producer pays an eco-contribution fee to them based on their volume of packaging material. After the payment, you receive your packaging license. We can help you here to find the best price among all PROs in Germany. Our free price calculation tool shows you which PRO has the best deal for your.

Step 3: Report your EPR registration number to Amazon or eBay

You need to enter your new EPR registration number for packaging in your seller account of the marketplace or platform


To fulfill Amazon’s requirements regarding EPR in Germany, Amazon has created a new area in the Sellercentral account. On a new compliance dashboard, merchants can provide all EPR information in one place.

Navigate to the country Germany and enter your LUCID registration number for the EPR category packaging by 01.07.2022. 

Price Calculator

Start the comparison of all German Producer Responsibility Organizations (PRO) also known as “dual systems” by typing in the quantities of packaging materials that you ship to Germany per year. You will then see the prices and all terms and conditions for all providers. From this list, you can choose the best offer.

License year:
Type of material in kg
In the list of results, preference is given to providers who offer refunds for license fees if fewer packaging quantities were consumed at the end of the year than originally reported for the year or similar options to easily adjust quantities without extra fees.
I am looking for a flexible license
In the list of results, preference is given to providers who offer free additional services to the license. E.g. online seal, certificates for CO2 savings, discounts on packaging optimization and other interesting partner offers.
I am looking for providers with additional services
In the list of results, preference is given to those providers who make the packaging licensing process as simple as possible. From placing an order to payment and quantity reporting.
I am looking for providers with high usability

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