Reclay packaging license 2022

Reclay 30% discount on packaging license 2022

Post contains advertising links: If you’re quick now, you can score a really big discount of up to 30% for the 2022 packaging license year at Reclay. The only thing you have to do is enter your packaging quantities to be licensed into the calculator for the respective material types and then activate the coupon code: VERPACK5 in the window below. 

Up to 30% early bird discount – Reclay packaging license 2022

  1. open the Reclay packaging license calculator and select the license year 2022
  2. enter your packaging quantities and material type accordingly
  3. use the coupon code: VERPACK5 to receive a discount of up to 30%

reclay packaging license calculator
Early birds receive huge discounts at Reclay

Up to 30% discount on the 2022 packaging license – how is that possible?

The answer is quite simple and is called “early bird discount”. Reclay uses a discount scale that benefits those who conclude a packaging license for the following year as early as possible. The scale starts at 25% in the first quarter and goes down to 0% in the fourth quarter. With the coupon code VERPACK5 you get an extra 5% discount on top of the sliding scale. This means that if you conclude your packaging license for 2022 with Reclay now and use the discount code VERPACK5, you will receive a 30% discount on your packaging license.

Reclay Save per quarter
Early birds receive huge discounts at Reclay

Inexpensive packaging license especially for smaller retailers

Reclay can be the ideal solution for small businesses and online retailers with low packaging volumes or companies that have just started their business. You can purchase a packaging license from Reclay for a whole year for as little as 6€. Reclay works like a prepaid sim card: First, you can purchase a packaging license for the quantities of packaging material that you are sure you will need throughout the year. Then, during the year, you can simply “re-license” as needed.  Each time you purchase again, you can use the discount code VERPACK5 to get a 5% discount each time. 


Are there alternatives to Reclay? 

If for some reason Reclay doesn’t suit you, you can find a list of all relevant packaging license providers on the market in our provider comparison. With our packaging license comparison calculator you can compare all prices of the providers for free with just a few clicks. Just try it out yourself:

Packaging license calculator 

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